2021 New Years French Vacation — Ringing in the New Year in France!


Soaking up the sun on the riviera. The excitement of the film festival in Cannes. Tasting mouth watering wines in Bordeaux. Strolling the ancient streets of the island chateau of Mont St Michel. And, of course, immersing yourself in the treasures of the Louvre.

Celebrating the New Year in France -obviously a great idea. But, at the moment — for reasons that are equally obvious, your perfect New Years French Vacation “marche pas.” (French for — “ain’t gonna happen.”)

And, even if you could get — at this writing — all the restaurants are closed! Quelle horror! France without gastronomy? Mon dieu! Pas possible.

Yes, you might luck out with a few sunny days in the south. But more likely wind,rain and winter storms. Bottom line: This French New Years is not the best weather wise.

But don’t cry in your champagne, because I’m gonna style you with the next best thing: A virtual New Years French vacation!

No reservations to make. Nothing to pack. No endless waiting in bad music departure lounges. No customs to clear. No taxis to pay.

Sound good? — OK -let’s dive in.

First stop on your virtual New Years French vacation is the justly famed French Riviera.

Next up — some virtual right bank wine tasting in Bordeaux.

New Years French vacation stop three is the World famous Mont St. Michel.

Fourth stop on your French New Years Vacation is that respository of French Culture known as “The Louvre”

And in fifith place — but by no means last — is a wander through the gardens of the man who made waterlillies famous — The impressionist painter, Claude Monet.

Your Virtual New Years French vacation, unlike the other kind, will never end. So, now you know where to find it -don’t be a stranger!



Christopher Strong The Bicycle Gourmet

Christopher Strong is The French Cycling Bicycle Gourmet — Film Maker,Photographer and Author. Your non-snobby Gourmet Guide to French food, wine and travel