Bicycle Gourmet’s French Wine Vine — Part Two

Regardless of whether you’re”into’ wine,or just grabbed a bottle out of desperation because “booze-be-us” was outa beer — there are French wine treasures to be found in every region and at every price point.

Kinda like deciding which car to buy, innit? Too many options! That’s why I, your ever helpful, faithful pal and freakin’ fountain o’ froggie info am gonna — as usual — give ya the straight skinny.

The French Wine treasures that really rock my boat,aren’t in the wine guides. They haven’t been reviewed by the “gurus of taste.”

Like the best Scots’ Whiskey, they’re not exported. And for the same reason.The locals drink it all up!

They’re the wines of(usually)small,independant producers and local wine co-ops. I find them in the usual way. I TRAVEL! And when I see a “wine sign”, I glide in for petite degustation.”( a little taste)And you, dear reader, can do the same.

The “Ma n’Pa” winos, you can,(and should!)discover on yer own. To get ya started with the other possibility, here be three BG recommended co-ops.

Dontcha be forgettin’ that wine co-ops are not bound by the restrictions of A.O.C.Which means that grapes can be blended for maximum flavor without regard to origin/location.

Alllllrighty then………Here we go! (You do know how to use Google maps…..right?)

1.Cave Cooperative du CONDOM -Gers region — SouthWest. (foie gras country.)

2.Cave Cooperative du LUMIERE –Provence region — South. In the Luberon National park between Cavaillon and Apt.

3.Cave Cooperative du NOVES –Provence region — South. Last village before Avignon on the South(left)side of the Durance river.

At all of these spots,you’ll find wine advertised “en vrac”and/or “en detail” — meaning — “In bulk.” Bring your own 3,5,or 10 litre container and fill up.(Some co-ops will sell you just a litre, but 3 is usually the minimum.)

Expect to fork out anywhere from 1.25 to 1.75 per litre. Depending on the variety/strength.

Anything else I can help with?

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